Top10 Things to do in Munich in Summer

Top10 Things to Do in Munich in Summer

Welcome to our article about the Top10 (well in fact it became a Top11 list) things to do in Munich in summer.

Munich is also called the northernmost city of Italy – no wonder as the weather is better like in most German cities and you often really feel like being in Southern Europe, especially in summer.

Now quickly read below and then outside, it’s summer in the city.

1. Visiting a beer garden


Visiting a beer garden is the undisputed no.1 thing to do in Munich in summer – this IS Munich!!!

What can be better than enjoying a cold glass of the Bavarian liquid gold on a hot summer day? Don’t forget that you can bring your own food with you, that’s even explicitly permitted through the “Bayerische Biergartenverordnung”.

For more information continue reading our article about the best beer gardens in Munich.

2. Playing Frisbee in the park

Frisbee session in the Olympiapark
Frisbee session in the Olympiapark

Well in our opinion this should be on place no.1 right beside the beer garden visit.

Playing Frisbee is just fun and the well-deserved beer tastes even better after a Frisbee session.

Our favorite spot is on the Olympiahügel where you find the perfect space for long throws and the beer garden Olympia Alm is just a Frisbee throw away.

On top of that and if weather allows it, you have an astonishing view of our beautiful Alps.

3. Cruising around the city by bike

Greeendlys on tour
Greeendlys on tour

This should be on no.1 as well to be honest 🙂 .

Munich has a lot of cycle paths which makes it a perfect city for cycling and also quite safe (but of course always pay attention to suicidal pedestrians and aggressive car drivers).

The one just beside the Isar is our favorite one, the Isarradweg – in the North you can bike until Freising or even Moosburg and Landshut, going southwards Wolfratshausen and Bad Hölz are awaiting you.

If you want to experience Munich to the full, than a bike is absolutely essential as a lot of the nicest places like the Olympiahügel or the Englischer Garten can best be reached without using your car or public transport aaand most important – you can drink more than just one beer!

4. BBQ at Flaucher beside the Isar (or alternatively on your balcony if you live just beside the Isar)

Balcony BBQ
Balcony BBQ

BBQ is summer and summer is BBQ! It’s officially allowed on both banks of the Isar, from the Brüdermühlstraße southwards up to the boarder of the metropolitan area of Munich.

On a hot summer day, you will see clouds of BBQ smoke over the Isar and everywhere the smell of burning coal and meat is in the air!

Please think of the environment and throw your stuff in one of the containers. The best thing is: the Isar is always besides and awaiting you for a cool bath.

5. Having a beer or two at the Gärtnerplatz

The flowers in the middle of the place are being changed three times a year – in spring, summer and autumn. This just must be done by the best gardeners of Munich, so nicely arranged are the beetroots – the highest art of gardening.

The Gärtnerplatz is chronically jam-packed and one of the most crowed (if not THE most crowded) places of Munich, especially in summertime.

In the Tengelmann supermarket you can grab a cool beer and enjoy on the place.

Fun fact: The Gärtnerplatz is very popular amongst the gay community, just in case you wonder why the guy sitting on the other bench is more staring at you than at your girl-friend.

6. Going to one of Munich’s outdoor baths

Visiting an outdoor bath is surely an alternative to bathing in the Isar, even if you have to pay entrance and sometimes queue some minutes.

Munich has numerous outdoor baths and even a natural one, the Naturbad Maria Einsiedel which is located near the Tierpark Hellabrunn.

It gets its water directly from the Isar, in fact there is a small channel, the Mühlbach, leading right through the area of the Naturbad Maria Einsiedel – a lot of fun to jump in it and just let you float.

Below our Top5 outdoor baths in Munich:
Naturbad Maria Einsiedel

Watch out for our article about the best outdoor baths in Munich which will be published in time.

7. Visiting the beautiful Rosengarten

The Rosengarten is part of the Baumschule Bischweiler and located right beside the Schyrenbad.

It’s a testing area for all kind of roses which eventually are planted in Munich and is still an insider tip which makes it also perfect for playing ball sports and of course our beloved Frisbee.

You will find chairs here which can be moved to any spot of the park so if you want to read your book without anyone disturbing you, grab yourself a chair and look for a nice and quiet place to chill and read.

8. Neuer Botanischer Garten – Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

The New Botanic Garden was opened in 1915 on the initiative of the later director Karl von Goebel and the garden architect Peter Holfelder.

It was relocated from its first location beside the Karlsplatz, parts of the Old Botanic Garden remain until today.

The garden has an area of 18 hectare with over 14.000 different plant species. Our two favorite attractions of the Botanischer Garten are the Alpinum where you can see all kind of mountain flora and of course the tropical greenhouse.

The greenhouse no. 4 offers a surprise: during the winter months from December to March: over 400 different species of butterflies are freely (butter)flying around. For opening hours check the website.

9. Kulturstrand

In 2015, the Kulturstrand took place around the Vater-Rhein-Brunnen near the Müllersches Volksbad and the Ludwigsbrücke on the northeastern part of the Museumsinsel and had opened up its tents for three months long.

All kind of artists are performing and the location right on the Museumsinsel is just perfect for such a happening.

Huge amounts of real sand are being carried all the way from the Caribbean to the Bavarian capital to bestow the perfect summer feeling to us people from Munich.

This year’s location still has to be decided yet.

10. River trip on the Isar with a rubber boat


Hell yeah, what a fun!!!

Preparation takes some time and you surely need a rubber boat but carrying the tons of equipment by S-Bahn all the way down to Wolfratshausen is it definitely worth.

28km long ride on the Loisach and Isar is expecting you.

For a detailed guide of the trip have a look at our article in the section ‚Best things to do on Munich‚. Ahoi!

11. Bicycle tour to the Starnberger See

Starnberger See and the Alps
Starnberger See and the Alps

Not in the official Top10 and last but definitely not least: a bicycle tour to the beautiful Starnberger See – the perfect trip for all the sportive ones among us.

The tour takes us from Munich all the way down via the Kloster Schäftlarn to Seeshaupt and further around the lake and takes the whole day respective around 90kms.

From Starnberg Nord you then can take the S-Bahn back to Munich.

Don’t forget to buy the correct ticket, you often have controls on this part of the S-Bahn route and you also need a separate ticket for your bike.

The detailed article is in preparation and will be published soon.