Best Burger Munich

Best Burger Places in Munich

Best burger in Munich

Finding the best burger in Munich is a very tricky task. In recent years new high quality burger places popped up every week.

While some of them are long gone already there are many burger places in Munich that are worth a visit.

When talking about best burgers in Munich forget all about burgers that you learnt when you were little.

These new burger places have nothing to do with fast food chains like Mc Donalds or Burger King.

For the best burgers they only use the freshest ingredients and high quality meats.

But enough said, let’s see which burger places in Munich are worth to visit. Guten Appetit.

Burger House

Without any doubts an outstanding burger place in Munich!

The Burger House serves fresh and juicy burgers, that are just hard to describe how delicious they are. The buns, patties and even the sauces are all homemade with a lot of love and attention to the perfect taste.

Following the success of their first Burger House at Rosenheimer Platz, they have opened already 4 more Burger Houses across the city. Our all-time favourite is the Double Burger with their home made french fries on the side.

Come early or better make an reservation online, as the Burger House is not an insider tip anymore.

Location: u.a. Rablstr. 37, 81667 München (the original one)
Price: $$


Thanks to Hamburgerei you can always have a nice evening with your friends at a burger place, even if one of them is vegetarian or vegan.

Remember the times when vegetarians were picking their sad salad while all the others enjoyed a juicy burger?

Luckily Hamburgerei not only serves fantastic meat burgers but also cares for all vegetarians and vegans. We could go on about all the different kinds of burgers they offer, but we strongly recommend you check their website for yourself.

We have never been hungrier after visiting a restaurants website than with Hamburgerei.
Those burgers do look like they taste – simply fantastic!

Location: Brienner Straße 49, 80333 München
Price: $$

Hans im Glück

We had long discussions about whether to include Hans im Glück in this list of best burgers in Munich or not.

To start with the burgers at Hans im Glück are very tasty.

The buns are very nice and the homemade sauces add the extra touch, but the meat patties could be, at least in our opinion, a bit thicker and the meat a bit juicier.

That being said, going to Hans im Glück is a great food experience. There are few high class restaurants in Munich that come close to the atmosphere and the interior design of Hans im Glück.

Sometimes you are not even sure if you are at a burger place or in one of the hippest bars in Munich.

All in all we think that you should give Hans im Glück a chance an try it out yourself.
They have grown from a burger place in Munich to a nation-wide franchise within a couple of years, so clearly they do something very right and lot’s of people love their burgers.

Location: u.a. Nymphenburger Str. 69, 80335 München
Price: $$$

Ruff’s Burger

Do you love burgers, but the fries are equally important to you? If you Ruff’s Burger is the place to go.

They serve some of the best Belgian fries outside of Belgium – no discussion.

Double deep fried for the extra crispyness and accompanied by a variety of sauces these Belgian fries are to fall in love with.

And even better, if you love cheese and meat on top, their chilli cheese fries make you want to cry out of joy.

Sorry for drifting from burgers to fries, but once you tried them you will understand why. Did we already mention that all burgers are made of 100% Bavarian beef?

Location: Occamstraße 4, 80802 München
Price: $$

Finding the best burger restaurant in Munich

As you can see from our list above each single burger place on our list has its own specialities and sets it apart from all the other places.

In the end your personal taste will decide which is your favorite burger place in Munich, but we are confident that it will be one of these great places on our list in the end.

Just in case you are not into Burgers at all, why don’t you check out the best restaurants in Munich?