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Best Internet Provider Munich – Overview

Internet provider Munich

Finding the best internet provider in Munich is a complicated task, but with these tips we will make sure you sign up with the best internet provider in Munich.

The first thing you need to consider is how much you are going to use the internet and what is more important for you – the price or the speed provided by your internet provider.

Only very few options offer an acceptable mix of speed, price AND service.

Another important question is whether you only need access to the internet or if you need a German landline number as well.

If you need a landline number in Munich it makes sense to sign up for a tariff that includes both.

Maybe you want to watch German and international TV as well. In this case either check if you can sign up with an internet service provider that also includes ipTV (TV via internet), or if you can sign up with a cable company that offers internet, TV and phone via cable.

Internet – DSL, cable or glass fibre

Optical fibre cables

Back in the days (which in Germany means a few years ago), the fastest internet connection you could get was via DSL, and a maximum speed of 16Mbit/s DSL was your best pick for a long time.

Nowadays many internet service providers offer the option to have internet via cable or glass fibre.

This speeds internet up to 250Mbit/s, but which the majority of internet users will never need.

Check with your property management if they signed an exclusivity contract with any local cable company, which means you need to sign up with them no matter what.

In any case before being able to go online, a technician from the Deutsche Telekom has to activate your line. It can take up to 4-6 weeks until you can start surfing at home.

Best Internet Provider in Munich

Depending on your priorities – price, speed, service or overall package – you have to make the choice which internet provider suits you best.

We are comparing different internet providers in Munich across these points.

None of the providers could score best in all four categories, so you have to decide which aspects are the most important ones for you.

Comparison of Best Internet Providers Munich

 M-Net1&1 Interneto2 Internet
Internet speed18 MBit/s - 1.000 MBit/s16 MBit/s - 1.000 MBit/s10 MBit/s - 250 MBit/s
Best contractHighspeed 100
100 Mbit/s Download
40 Mbit/s Upload
DSL 100
100 MBit/s Download
40 MBit/s Upload
o2 DSL M 100
100 MBit/s Download
40 MBit/s Upload
Monthly price best deal14,90€ first 6 months
39,90€ afterwards
19,99€ first 6 months
39,99€ afterwards
Setup 69,95€
24,99€ first 12 months
34,99€ afterwards
Setup 69,99€
German landline includedYes
Flatrate calls within Germany
Flatrate calls within Germany
19,9ct/min mobile phones
Flatrate calls within Germany
Flatrate mobile phones
Internet/Phone/TV packagesYes
Has to be booked separately
TV in HD quality 4,99€/month
Unlimited fast internetYesYesYes

M-Net: Best Internet Provider in Munich – Speed and Service

mnet münchen

M-net is the best internet service provider in Munich in terms of service and speed.

M-net offers – of course – internet but also TV via cable, landline phone and mobile contracts.

Since its foundation 20 years ago, they have spread their services to many Bavarian regions and have established themselves as a reliable and very service-oriented company.

Prices might be slightly higher than from the other providers  but service has a price which one pays with joy if the overall package is just right.

Besides the service, internet from M-net is incredibly fast as it is delivered via cable.

Maximum speed can be up to 1.000 Mbit/s for downloads, depending on your choice of contract.

Yes, you have read that correctly, 1.000Mbit/s.

But quite frankly, most internet users won’t be needing anything faster than 50Mbit/s for working from home or streaming movies.

Also TV via M-net is very good and includes all the important channels in HD (all the ones that are available in HD).

Check the M-net Homepage for the tariff that suits you best – at the moment they have very interesting offers!

One last thing to mention: just in August they won the 1st place as best regional supplier of landline phone.

1&1 Internet: Best Internet Provider in Munich – Price and Service

Logo 1&1

1&1 is the best internet service provider in Munich in terms of price and service.

No other internet provider in Germany puts so much focus on the happiness of their customers while offering great rates.

Some of 1&1 Internet’s outstanding services include:

– Best router included: When signing up with 1&1 you can choose to get the 1&1 homeserver, which is a branded Fritzbox made by German company AVM.

We strongly advise to use a Homeserver as router/modem as they are the best ones you can get.

– Wifi option included: Sounds strange, but other internet providers in Munich still might charge for the Wifi option.

Just check the 1&1 website for the contract that suits your needs the best.

Choices are from cheap and slower to more expensive and very fast.

We usually recommend a 50Mbit/s connection, which is enough bandwith for streaming and working from home.

But all of them have one thing in common, which is great service and a price that is very fair for the tariff you chose.

These are all reasons why you should sign up with 1&1.

o2 Internet

Logo o2

Another option to consider is o2 Internet. o2 has offered internet in Munich for a very long time and is one of the most successful telecommunication companies in Germany.

Similar to 1&1, o2 offers fast internet and very competitive prices.

The main reason why o2 is not on the top spot of best internet providers in Munich anymore is that they recently started to cut down the internet speed for heavy downloaders after a certain amount of data in the cheapest contract option.

99% percent of all internet users will never even get close to this limit, but still, as it is such a close race for the top spot, this gave 1&1 the advantage it needed.

This being said, o2 is still a very reliable and good internet provider and if some of the tariffs are perfect for your needs, you can sign up with them without any worries.

Use their availability check to see if o2 is an option for you.

Deutsche Telekom

Logo Deutsche Telekom

If it comes down to speed and full package, T-Online is a solid internet provider in Munich.

The reasons herefore are partially „historical“ – T-Online was born out off the former electronic communication division of the Deutsche Post (German Post) after it was privatized in 1995 and used to have a monopoly on telecommunication back in the days.

The mother company nowadays is the Deutsche Telekom which ownes the complete infrastructure (cables, servers etc.) and other providers are just about to build up their own one.

As mentioned, speed is one of the main reasons why to chose T-Online – via cable up to 100MBit/s and via glass fibre even up to 250Mbit/s are possible.

You can check online if glass fibre technic is already available in the area you are living in.

If you need a mobile phone contract as well, the Magenta1 tariffs are very comfortable as you can combine both mobile phone and internet contract offering you a special discount.

If you already should have signed up for a mobile phone contract no problem – just can go with the option that you already are a Telekom mobile customer (and vice versa) and you will get a 10 .- € discount on your monthly bill, you don’t have to sign up the contracts at the same time.

Watch out for student conditions as you are granted an extra discount.

The third piece of the full package is the Magenta Entertain option: If you should sign up for this option, you will get a decoder (purchase or for a small fee) which gives you access to a lot of cable channels (the main ones even in HD) and a huge pay-on-demand offering.

The built-in hard disc (currently 500GByte) allows you to record a film or show while watching another one simultaneously.

All internet tariffs automatically include a landline with a flat-rate for all calls within Germany in the landline network.

You just have to connect a telephone to the Speedport router which is obligatory if you want to go online with the Deutsche Telekom.

Watch out for special offers which should already include the costs of this router as you would have to pay ca. 100€ normally.

Changing ISP in Munich

Another point worth mentioning is how to change ISPs in Munich. If you are unhappy with your internet service provider you can quit the contract, which usually runs for 24 months.

Make sure to cancel at least 3 months in advance, otherwise the contract will be renewed for another year.

A special case is when you are moving to another flat in Munich and your previous internet service provider does not offer the same tariff (speed wise) or is not available at all (especially if you signed up with M-net or any other cable company).

In this case you either have the option of downgrading your contract to a cheaper tariff, which is available at your new flat, or to quit the contract completely, if the internet provider is not available at all.

To ensure you have internet from the start, it could be useful to check with your potential new ISP if they offer the option to start the contract the day the old one runs out.

Once you’ve successfully changed your ISP in Munich you might want to change to a better mobile phone provider and a better bank in Munich as well.