Buying Furniture in Munich

Buying furniture in Munich

Buying furniture Munich

Buying furniture should be one of your first tasks in Munich.

Unlike other countries like Spain or France a flat in Germany is usually completely empty when you first move in.

Therefore one of the first things you might want to do if you shouldn’t have brought any furniture with you and the flat is just empty and you don’t want to sleep on the blank floor is to pimp up your flat!

Besides the „common way“ of going shopping in a furniture house, is buying your furniture online.

This is surely the most convenient way of pimping up your flat, especially if you don’t have a car on hand or you just don’t feel like wasting your time going to a crowded furniture house on a Saturday which you could rather spend chilling in the park or playing frisbee.


Online shopping nowadays is the preferred way of shopping for many amongst us.

If you are planning to go shopping for your apartment in the virtual world looking for quality products for an affordable price, then the Home24 online shop is your first choice

You will find just all things you might need for your apartment – from beds to couches to kitchen stuff to lamps to pans, whatsoever, you will all get it here.

Especially nice is the “Showroom” category – you have the choice between a wide range of themes and all kind of furniture or accessories which are related to it like Cocooning, Nordic-Christmas and Mid Century Living for example.

Just perfect if you already got an idea of a certain theme you would like to have or create in your flat but you are short of concrete ideas and need someone to hold your hand.

Home24 offers free shipment and an unrestricted right of return as well as all kinds of payment methods.

Fashion For Home

Fashion for Home is a Berlin based online shop which focuses on design and high quality furniture and accessories for well paying customers rather than on reasonable prices for a broad clientel looking for the best deal.

The website itself runs a showroom in Berlin-Mitte where you can see the products “live” and certainly helps you in the purchase decision but maybe there will be one opened in the Bavarian capital as well.

Like the Home24 website, this site also has a category with different themes if you are not amongst the creative people. Shipping is free for orders of 75 € and above.


Who doesn’t know the huge furniture shop with the four yellow letters?

IKEA is certainly the number one choice of most of us when it comes down to buying furniture. Who haven’t already had a fight with the sometimes not really clear construction manual and in the worst case had missing or defect components?

In the low and medium price segment (and recently also reaching the high price segment with some articles) IKEA offers you the widest range of everything related to “living”.

There are two IKEAs in the greater Munich area, one in the North – Eching – and one the South – Brunnthal. No matter which one you visit, on a Saturday it’s so crowded that you have to plan some hours for the visit and also bring strong nerves with you.

We strongly recommend visiting during the week, IKEA closes at 20h so even after work you should have enough time.

Be aware of not returning back into the city before 19:30h, otherwise you will be stuck in the daily end of work traffic jam on the Autobahn A9 (if you visited Eching) or respectively A8 (if you went to Brunnthal).

For all of you who prefer the comfortable and most convenient way of shopping (I don’t want to use the word “lazy” here), IKEA also offers an online store including delivery and assembly service – of course for an extra fee.

Poco Domäne München

The perfect place for buying furniture for people with a rather small budget as Poco Domäne is the cheapest furniture store chain in Germany – you will recognize this by means of the audience and the store itself.

But even if you shouldn’t be short on budget, Poco Domäne is absolutely worth a visit – sometimes you can find a certain piece here which you have been seeking for ages everywhere else but never found it.

There are three stores in the Munich area, one for example is located in the same business park where you find the IKEA store Eching so you can combine visiting the two stores.

The other two Poco houses are in Freimann and Trudering. If Poco Domäne is still out of your budget, then you should visit one of Munich’s flea markets, cheaper than there it surely won’t get.

Flea markets in Munich

Night flea market Nachtkonsum
Night flea market Nachtkonsum

There are quite a lot flea markets taking place throughout the year in Munich.

The most famous and also the biggest one of whole Bavaria is the “Flohmarkt Theresienwiese”.

It happens every first Saturday of the “Frühlingsfest” (this year from 17.04 – 3.5.2015), a fair similar to the Oktoberfest but of course a lot smaller.

Some vendors even set up their booth or tables days before the flea market on the Southern part of the Theresienwiese – reservations are not possible, first come first serve.

If you plan to become a vendor yourself on this year’s flea market, be sure to be there latest Friday afternoon or even before 14h to get one of the best places.

An alternative to the “common” flea markets are the night flea markets. The two biggest ones in Munich are the “Nachtkonsum” and the “Midnight Bazar”.

Both are flea market and event location at the same time with concerts starring different artists and bands.

The Midnight Bazar market is divided in three different types – for clothes, kids and a “real” flea market as well as a street food corner whereas the other market is sometimes very focused on clothes.

Check out the websites for dates and information about how to become a vendor etc.

If you should be getting hungry while surfing on our website, go have something to eat in our of our best restaurants in Munich.