Best of Munich

Best of Munich – Restaurants, sightseeing & more

By popular demand we decided to start this ‚Best of Munich‘ section in order to help you find the best places in Munich without any troubles.

What started with friends visiting Munich and asking for our favorite places turned into a long and well assembled list of all the places we love and that make Munich such a unique place to live.

Nevertheless such a list is never completed because every day in this lovely city you discover another nice spot, another delicious place to eat, another thing to do.

Keep your eyes always open and you bet that you will discover something that even we haven’t spotted so far.

Best beer garden in Munich


Let’s start this article with the most important topic, the beer gardens of Munich!

In Munich you find over 60 beer gardens – smaller ones and bigger ones.

The best ones of all you will find in our article about the best beer gardens in Munich. Prost!

Best things to see in Munich

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl
Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

There are sheer innumerable things to see in Munich.

With this section we want to make things easier for you and give you an overview about the best things to see in Munich.

We are constantly adding new attractions to this section so be sure to regularly have an eye on it.

Best restaurants in Munich

Hungry?? Then better jump to our best restaurants in Munich section quickly to satisfy your hunger.

Yes – this section represents the personal taste of the authors but all of the mentioned venues have been approved personally and were found to be just excellent.

No matter if you are looking for the best Döner in Munich, the best Pizza or the best Thai food, you are absolutely right here so we hope now you are even more hungry!

Best Christmas markets in Munich

Christmas market Marienplatz
Christmas market Marienplatz

There are numerous Christmas markets spread all over Munich at Christmas time.

To visit all of them in just one season is impossible, so we made this fine selection of the best Christmas markets in Munich.

Best burger in Munich

Burger served at the Burger House
Burger served at the Burger House

Hungry – especially hungry for meat? Good, you are just right in Munich for having a good burger!

A burger is not just a burger you will recognize – each burger shop has its own meat source, special ingredients and sauces, different bread and of course its own style of cooking!

One might favorite the burgers from the Burger House, for others the burgers from Hans im Glück are the ne plus ultra.

At the end it’s all a question of personal taste so just try all of them and then decide about which one you like the best!

Check out where to get the best burgers in Munich and enjoy your meal!