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Best Mobile Phone Contract in Munich

Mobile phone contract Munich

Getting a mobile phone contract in Munich should be one of the first things you do after moving to Munich.

Without a mobile phone contract you won’t be able to make any calls or connect to the internet on the go without free WLAN around you.

To help you find the best mobile phone contract we are only comparing the best mobile phone providers in Munich.

Best Mobile Phone Providers in Munich

In order to find the best mobile phone contract, first you need to know what the best mobile phone providers are.

Each mobile phone provider offers a variety of different monthly plans. So the choice is almost unlimited but you want to make sure that you go for the mobile phone provider that best suits your needs.

1&1 is right now our favorite pick as a phone provider in Germany. While you have usually very good connection with your phone the prices are also quite good.

o2 is the new No.1 mobile phone provider in Germany in terms of number of clients after their acquisition of competitor E-Plus.
o2 is known for very cheap prices but lacking connection in rural areas (which is not an issue if you live in Munich of course).

Telekom was for a long time the mobile phone provider with the most clients in Germany. Telekom is known for their exceptional mobile network quality, while being slightly pricier than the others.

Comparison Best Mobile Phone Providers Munich

1&1 Mobile*O2*
Mobile network qualityGreat D-Netz
Medium Telefonica
Medium Telefonica
Up to 225 MBit/s
Up to 225 MBit/s
Best dealLTE M 10GBo2 Free M 20GB
Monthly price best deal9,99€ first 6 months
24,99€ afterwards
Setup 19,90€
Setup 39,99€
Flatrate best dealYes
Phone calls in Germany and EU-wide
Phone calls in Germany and EU-wide
SMS flat
Contract duration24 months24 months
Option for monthly contract +5€/month

1&1 – Phone contract*

Logo 1&1

As mentioned before, 1&1 is a good compromise between quality and cost.

1&1 is both recommended in cities as well as rural areas.

Furthermore 1&1 is also a great pick for your internet service provider.

One of the outstanding services offered by 1&1 is that if your phone breaks you will get a replacement within 24h. And admit it how many times have you dropped your phone and installed the spider-app 🙂


  • Good reception within cities
  • Cheap tariffs with/without new phone


  • Somehow 1&1 is a compromise between cost and quality, but a good one actually

If you are planning to go for 1&1, don’t worry, you won’t be doing anything wrong.

At the same time, if you want to go for the cheapest mobile phone provider in Munich, you might compare 1&1 with o2.

o2 – Phone contract*

Logo o2

o2 recently merged with E-Plus, becoming the biggest mobile phone provider in Germany.

It is safe to say that o2 offers the cheapest tariffs of all mobile phone providers in Munich.

Also we can assure you that the quality of reception within and around Munich is very good.


  • Very cheap tariffs with/without new phone
  • Good reception within cities
  • Flexible plans which can be cancelled monthly


  • Reception in rural areas can be problematic

If you are living in Munich then o2 is a very good choice of mobile phone provider.

Within the city you have very good reception for calls and mobile internet, while in rural areas getting good reception might get tricky.

If you sign up with o2* you can be sure to have a very good price for your phone contract.

Telekom – Phone contract

Logo Deutsche Telekom

Signing up with Telekom in Munich is a very good idea, if your No.1 priority is being in the most reliable mobile network.

There is no other mobile phone provider in Munich that comes close to Telekom’s mobile network in terms of stability and coverage.

But as always in life, quality comes with a price; Telekom is known to be slightly more expensive than Vodafone and o2.

To see whether or not Telekom is the best mobile phone provider in Munich for you, let’s have a closer look on the available contracts and options.

The available tariffs range from Magenta S to Magenta L Plus depending on how many data volume you need.

Recently, Telekom added a very nice option – „EU-Roaming“ which means in any EU country no roaming costs will occur, also mobile internet is included.

Very interesting package if you need both a mobile phone and an internet/phone landline contract. Telekom gives you a 10 .- € discount on your mobile phone contract if you sign up for a MagentaZuhause internet contract as well.

The two contracts don’t even have to be closed at the same time, the discount will be granted as soon as the contracts run parallelly.

If you already have signed up for a mobile contract with Telekom you can add your partner to your contract which results in a 10 .- € monthly discount on the chosen tariff.

The only condition: you have to be registered under the same address.


  • Best mobile network coverage and stability not only in Munich but in the whole of Germany – calls and mobile internet
  • Fastest internet via LTE – available widely throughout Germany
  • very interesting options for international phone calls


  • Slightly more expensive than competitors
  • Hotline waiting time sometimes can be up to 20 minutes or more, especially in the peak times like lunch time or in the early evening hours. Tip: Try calling them between 10 and 11.30h or in the evening hours after 22h

As you can see Deutsche Telekom is an excellent choice of mobile phone provider in Munich.

Believe us when we say that good reception might be the single most important fact to consider when signing up for a mobile contract in Munich.

Just ask your friends or colleagues how annoying it can get, if you can’t even get a mobile signal in your own flat.

Mobile phone contract with or without phone?

Usually when you sign up with any mobile phone provider in Munich for 24 months, you will also get a new mobile phone, which will be cheaper than buying it yourself.

Every provider offers these kinds of plans in Germany.

So even if you don’t need a new Smartphone, it still might be worth considering getting a phone contract with a new smartphone, then just selling the new smartphone on eBay. This way you save even more money.

Just make sure that your smartphone has no brand-lock, which means that a potential buyer can only use it when signed up with the same mobile phone provider.

If your phone has a brand-lock, you won’t get as much money if you plan on selling it instead of using it yourself.

How to cancel your Mobile Phone Contract in Munich in 3 Steps

Maybe you already have a mobile contract, which is too expensive, and you want to switch providers. In this case it is very important to follow the following 3 steps:

  • Quit contract at least 3 months before it runs out. Otherwise your contract will renew itself for another year and you won’t be able to switch immediately.
  • Cancellation of your contract must be in written form and mailed per post or faxed to your mobile phone provider. Request a written acknowledgement with the confirmed date of cancellation
  • Let your old phone provider know if you want to keep your number and move it to your new mobile phone provider.

Sign up for a Mobile Phone Provider in Munich online

Save yourself the hassle of running through the city and entering one of the countless mobile phone shops in Munich.

These shops live of commission and might not always have the same interests as you.

Take your time and compare providers/plans online without any pressure. The sign-up process online is very straightforward and clear.

Also, most of the times the best deals can only be found online.

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Now that the task of finding the best mobile phone provider in Munich is out of the way, it is time to get signed up with an internet provider in Munich or to check out the best restaurants in Munich.