Carsharing in Munich – Overview

Right now there are a few carsharing companies active in Munich. One big downside is that if you want to use all of them you need to register with every single car sharing company in Munich.

This also means installing several different apps on your smartphone and paying several different car sharing companies at the end of each month. Doesn’t sound too comfy, does it?

So rather than signing up with several different companies we highly recommend going for DriveNow, as they offer the best mix of good prices, new cars and great availability.

DriveNow Munich

drivenow logoDriveNow is a joint venture between BMW and Sixt car rental and is currently available in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and of course Munich.

Here you have more than 700 cars available, all smaller BMW models like the model 1, X1 or even i3 or Minis like the Clubman or even a nice Cabrio. This service is just perfect for all of you who don’t call a car their own and in Munich there is really no need for that.

Grabbing a DriveNow car is easy: you either just walk past a car and open it with a chip which is attached to your driving license or if you are the planner among us you reserve the car with your smartphone or tablet via the DriveNow app.

The app shows a map of the operation area (greater Munich city center) and all cars which are available. Once you found a car near you, just reserve it for the next 15 minutes for free.

Compared to owning a car, DriveNow is quite cheap. You pay a one-time registration fee of 29.- € and further costs range between 31 and 34 cents per minute depending on the model. Parking a car costs you 15 cent per minute, very practical if you use it for shopping.

For an extra fee you can go by car to the Munich airport and leave the car in a specially designated area in one of the car parks. Before you can start cruising around, you have to visit one of the Sixt car rental centers for signing up with DriveNow. Don’t forget to bring your driving license, your ID card and a credit or EC card with you.

New are the so-called „Erlebnis-Pakete“ (experience packages). If you use a DriveNow car for shopping in a REWE supermarket, you get a 5% discount on your shopping bill and you get up to 10 minutes for parking refunded as well.

Other available packages are a visit of the Therme Erding including the entrance fee and VIP parking slot or a day of skiing in the Austrian Alps including skiing pass, VIP parking slot and even a welcome drink – well, the skiing offer is currently not available of course : )

So as you can see there are not too many reasons why you should still own a car or sign up with several car sharing companies. Just go to the DriveNow Homepage and sign up and enjoy your new freedom and say goodbye to public transport in Munich.