Best Outdoor Pools in Munich

Best Outdoor Pools in Munich

Outdoor pools are a nice alternative to the Isar or the ice cold Eisbach in the Englischer Garten.

Munich offers numerous outdoor pools (besides many indoor swimming pools) for all water rats among you, the hand-picked best outdoor pools in Munich in detail in the article below.

All outdoor pools in Munich are open every day from 9 to 18h during the open-air pool season from May to September.

Naturbad Maria Einsiedel

Zentralländstraße 28
The Naturbad Maria Einsiedel was founded in 1899 and it is the best outdoor pool in Munich in our opinion.

Since its complete renovation in winter 2007/2008 it has a real specialty to offer: it has been turned into a natural bath which means you are awaited by natural, pure Isar water without any additives like chlorine.

Beautifully located beside the Isar with huge trees providing shade and a special attraction: a channel where you can let yourself float from one side of the area to the other side.

Queuing in summer can sometimes take half an hour or more so be sure to be there early enough, especially at the weekend. Another specialty: you have a nudist area for only women and children.


Traubestraße 3
The Ungererbad is located in the beautiful quarter of Schwabing.

It was opened around 1900 as a natural bath and still today you have a small flow running through the area.

It ranks among Munich’s nicest and most original outdoor pools. The audience here is well mixed: from families to hipsters to artists to teenagers to pensioners you find any kind of sun worshippers here.

The enormous bath has various pools, a huge green for playing Frisbee, football and volleyball and a mixed as well as a women nudist area.

You also find possibilities for playing table tennis and giant chess.

Even though it’s quite big, it can get quite crowded – on a hot summer day up to 10.000 people stream into the Ungererbad leaving no space in the shadow of one of the huge, old trees.


Claude-Lorrain-Straße 24
The Schyrenbad is Munich’s oldest outdoor pool. It was opened under the name Städtisches Freibad in 1847 as a bath exclusively for men – women were not allowed here until 1938.

Since 1877 it has its present name. During the Olympic Summer Games 1972 it served as training location.

The Schyrenbad was renovated last time in 2006/2007 and has two swimming pools, an adventure pool with bubble loungers and a broad water slide.

You find it right behind the Baumschule Bischweiler near the Rosengarten.


Prinzregentenstraße 80
This open-air pool is located right in the heart of Bogenhausen near the Prinzregentenplatz.

Besides a swimming pool, you find an adventure pool, a 50m slide and the so-called Prinzestrand: 500 tons of fine, white sand, deck chairs and a beach bar makes you feel like being in the Caribbean.

If you would like to round up your day in the Prinzregentenbad with some wellness, you can visit the sauna which is located in the Prinzregentenstadion right beside – entrance has to be paid extra.

Dantebad & Dante Winter-Warmfreibad

Postillionstraße 17
The “Dante” as it’s simply called can be found in the municipality Neuhausen-Nymphenburg and is special amongst all other outdoor pools in Munich: it has its doors also open during winter!

The 50m sports pool as well as the adventure pool is heated to 30 degrees (Celsius of course) so how about a nocturnal bath in winter – during the winter season, the two mentioned outdoor pools are even open until 23h.

The Dantebad has a small beer garden and a football area. For an additional fee you can visit the sauna area.