Top 10 Munich

Top10 Munich and Best of Munich

It’s always hard to write „the“ Top 10 list as preferences are always different but we cherry picked between all the nice things Munich has to offer and here you have the outcome.

If there is one or the other thing that you are missing on this list then please feel free to send us an email and we will try to add it asap (maybe even we haven’t seen it so far).

Top10 things to see in Munich

Neues Rathaus
Neues Rathaus

In fact it was very hard to cut down the best things to see in Munich down to just a Top10 list but we tried our best.

Every week we discover new things in our beautiful Munich that we are always surprised how much it has to offer.

We still have a long list of things to see in Munich which we have to cross off.

Written enough, now enjoy our article about the Top10 things see do in Munich.

Top10 Things to do in Munich

Isarpiraten live in action
Isarpiraten live in action

We tried to differentiate between things to do and things to see in Munich.

So the Englischer Garten is something that you must see and ‚getting around by bike‘ is surely a thing to do, you get the point.

So it’s time now to – excuse the wording – get your ass off the couch, get physical and check out the Top10 Things to do in Munich.

Top10 (fun) facts about Munich

Ready for some funny and interesting things about Munich? In this article you will learn about the Top10 (fun) facts about Munich. Enjoy reading and as always let us know if you miss a something!