Housing and Transport

Housing and Transport in Munich

You finally arrived here in Munich and you still don’t have a flat and your plan is most probably not to sleep under the bridge?

Better continue reading here for some essential information about where to look for a flat and some tips how to be the chosen one among the innumerable applicants when visiting a flat.

Also you will find some hints about housing in general and getting around in and round of Munich.

Finding a place to live in Munich

We hope that you have a warm and dry place to stay until you have found your own flat.

Finding a place to live in Munich is difficult but not impossible and if you stick to our tips about how to find a place to live in Munich you should soon have found one!

Good luck with the search!

Buying furniture in Munich

Buying furniture Munich

Unlike in other countries like Spain or Italy, you usually don’t rent a fully furbished flat in Germany but quite empty.

So if you arrived here with nothing but two suitcases, then continue reading this article about buying furniture in Munich, not that you have to sleep on the bare floor once you found yourself an apartment.

No matter if you prefer buying furniture online or in a store, you will find useful information here.

Public transport in Munich

Despite the fact that many of you might arrive here in Munich with your own car, you sooner or later will be regularly using the public transport as traffic in Munich is extremely annoying and streets are almost always stuffed with aggressive drivers.

Besides the fact that you protect your nerves, you also do something good for the environment.

Long distance bus

Not long ago the Deutsche Bahn lost its monopoly for long distance transport. Since then, long distance busses are becoming more and more successful offering already some connections even to destinations abroad.

In our opinion the best and cheapest way of moving around in Germany and to destinations in Germany’s neighboring countries so before booking your next flight consider going by bus.


Car2go Munich

Surely the most comfortable way of moving around in Munich when you don’t have an own car.

Some years ago, carsharing was a very exotic thing but nowadays you find the specially branded cars of FreeNow or car2go spread all over the greater city center of Germany’s 5 biggest cities.

The big plus is that you really don’t have to care about anything like repairs, car inspections or a car credit – you don’t even have to buy a parking ticket as these cars have special parking permits – but of course you can’t park on the sideway or a parking space for the disabled.