Best Restaurants in Munich

Best Restaurants in Munich – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Munich?

Luckily your search has come to an end as we will tell you which are the best restaurants in Munich you should not miss out on.

All of the mentioned restaurants have been personally tested and approved by us and are so superb that there can’t be anything better in town.

Enough said, enjoy now the article about the best restaurants in Munich.

Best Italian Restaurant in Munich – „Grano“

Enjoying food at Grano

Grano is just the best Italian restaurant in Munich and absolutely our favorite one! Why?

It’s one of those authentic restaurants that you want to visit, you will know what I mean when you have visited it for the first time – all the nice details, the rare pictures and billboards on the wall, the stylish bar or the old coffee machine, just lovely.

Above all of course: the food is superb, the waiters and waitresses always in a good mood and it’s one of the few restaurants in the centre of Munich where you find a nice and most important quite terrace – very rare in the always crowded and busy city centre.

In summer you have sun on the terrace from ca. 13h until 15h so perfect for a weekend lunch and a glass of wine under our favorite star : )

The menu is quite simple: a dozen different pizzas (try the Pizza Lardo!!!) and pasta-wise each day one pasta of the day, just one but always delicious and sometimes really extravagant compositions.

To finish your meal befitting one’s rank, you close with the best chocolate cake on this planet and an espresso.

If you want to sit inside, we highly recommend to make a reservation, on the terrace it’s first come first serve, no reservation possible there.

Location: Sebastiansplatz 3
Website: –
Price: €

Best Döner in Munich – “Sofra – türkische Esskultur”

The best Döner in Munich
The best Döner in Munich

Sofra definitely offers the best Döner in Munich. Home-made sauces (try the spicy red one, just superb) and a special type of meat make this Döner a happening.

Ask Hussein or Tarik – the two guys who are working most of the time – to put some humus on the bread before stuffing it with meat and the freshest vegetables.

The chief of Sofra is single mother who leads the venue with lots of love, also the rest of the staff is very nice and sometimes offering a good black tea after meal or a Börek.

Besides the Döner, you get the full range of Turkish dishes from Lahmacun to Durum to Falafel or Ayran.

Location: Rosenheimer Straße 10
Website: –
Price: €

Best Burger Restaurant in Munich – “Burger House”

Burger served at the Burger House
Burger served at the Burger House

Burger joints in Munich spread out of the earth like mushrooms as you say in Denglish.

The Burger House without any doubt is the best of them – Firstly it was one of the first one’s to jump on the “burger-train” in Munich (or even establishing it).

Secondly the atmosphere is just right and thirdly they serve Tegernseer beer which is our absolute favorite beer.

Fourthly and most important the quality of the ingredients and especially the meat is unmatched. Order the meat medium and you will get a juicy burger with the perfect rosy color inside and as side dish the “hand cut chili cheese fries” – fries cut from potatoes topped with a spicy sauce and little bits of minced meat.

Reserve your table 3-4 days in advance as the venue is always completely full at peak-times. Only “the Bird” in Berlin can compete with this burger!

#1 Lothringer Straße 
#2 Ismaninger Straße 5
#3 Schleißheimer Straße 11
#4 Theresienstraße 48
#5 Plinganserstraße 37
#6 Jahnstraße 30
Price: €€€

Best Thai Restaurant in Munich – “Manam” & “Spicery”

We decided to pick out our two favorite Thai places in Munich as we could not decide which one to call the best place for Thai-food in Munich and of course it’s also a question of price.

Best Thai-food in Munich – „Manam“

Crowded house

UPDATE: Manam moved to a new subterranean location at Rosenheimer Platz some months ago – it’s now some sort of cocktail bar and restaurant.

Unfortunately not authentic in any way but the food stayed the same. We went there once and never again since then.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Manam has more or less returned to its roots. You still don’t have the full menu from before but nearly all of the most important dishes like Pad Thai are back again!!!

Despite the fact that the interior has been completely renovated and lost a little bit of its charme, it’s AGAIN THE Thai when it comes to cost-performance ratio and originality.

The restaurant isn’t bigger than a medium-sized kitchen (including the kitchen itself), the women in charge has her good days and her very bad days (means one day she can be quite friendly, the other day you swear to yourself you will never visit this place again but after finishing your meal you know exactly that even if she would use physical violence against you you will come again) but the food is just outstanding – whatever kind of dish you order, it’s always a manifestation!

If you don’t want to smell like kitchen we recommend take away, due to the size of the restaurant after 5 minutes you will need a shower to get rid of the smell, but when weather allows it the small terrace is open.

If you plan to eat “on-site”, plan some time for queuing as it’s always stuffed.

Location: Rosenheimer Straße 34
Website: –
Price: €€

Another Best Thai Restaurant in Munich – „Spicery“

On the terrace of the Spicery

The Spicery is one of this year’s discoveries.

We heard about this place from a friend already quite some time ago but somehow the way led us to the Spicery just some weeks ago – and we were thrilled! What a super Thai restaurant.

Ok, authenticity is something else but that’s not the goal of this venue. On the menu you won’t find the Thai wording of a meal but something like „duck salad“ instead of „Laab Pad“ means you see that this place is not run by Thais but Germans but hey, the food is the most important right – and here it’s just delicious!

We visited this place three times in the last two months and each time we tried something different and each time…wordless.

Try the duck salad and don’t be afraid of the two chillis meaning spicy, it’s spicy but not too spicy.

And on a nice summer evening the Riesling they offer fits perfectly. They have a lot of places inside but reservation is recommended and when the weather allows it, you can sit on the nice terrace with views of the fountain of the Weißenburger Platz.

LocationWeißenburger Platz 3
Price: €€€€

Best Bavarian Restaurant in Munich (traditional) – “Hofbräu am Oberwiesenfeld”

Münchner Schnitzel
Münchner Schnitzel

The whole Oberwiesenfeld area where this nice „Gasthaus“ is located was used as an airport for quite a while – from 1909 until 1968.

Nevertheless, from the airport remains nothing nowadays but you can find the best place for eating a “Münchner Schnitzel” here.

I suppose all of you know our famous Schnitzels, but the Münchner Schnitzel is just the coronation of the handcraft of Schnitzel-cooking.

What’s so special about it you may ask?

Besides the usual banner they put sweet mustard and horseradish underneath, a untopable mixture and a firework of flavor.

The fries are just perfect as well as the salad. Nothing more to say, if you haven’t eaten yours here, you just did not eat the best Schnitzel in Munich.

Location: Hildeboldstr. 23/Ecke Winzerer Straße
Price: €€

Best Bavarian Restaurant in Munich (modern) – “Wirtshaus in der Au”

Knödel served in the Wirtshaus in der Au
Knödel served in the Wirtshaus in der Au

The original venue was opened already 1901 under the name Wagner Bräu and is therefore one of Munich’s oldest Inns hosting amongst others the famous Munich actor and comedian Karl Valentin back in the years.

You have a small beergarden and in the upper level a big room for celebrating marriages etc.

The food can be described as modern Bavarian cuisine modernly interpreting traditional Bavarian dishes. Go for the Spanferkelhax’n (baby pigs leg in thyme sauce) or if you like it the vegetarian style the Knödeltrio (3 different dumplings) is just the choice for you.

The Wirtshaus is actually very famous for their dumplings and also runs a small tent on the Oktoberfest called the Münchener Knödelei.

Dumpling cooking classes are regularly offered and once a month the famous Jazz morning pint takes place (for dates please check their homepage).

It’s highly recommended to reserve some days in advance as this restaurant is always completely full whatever day of the week it may be – and even more crowded during the Oktoberfest.

After the (sometimes) heavy meal enjoy one of the offered fruit brandies, we especially recommend the Vogelbeerenschnaps.

Location: Lilienstraße 51
Price: €€€

Best Yeast Dough Creations in Munich – „Café Frischhut“

Café Frischhut

The Café Frischhut is Munich’s No. 1 location when it comes down to creations made of yeast dough and an absolute must visit – ideal for a coffee break after an exhausting city tour.

Our favorite yeast dough creation is the „Krapfen“ (jelly doughnut), best to enjoy when you eat it right away freshly made and still warm – Homer Simpson would love it, that’s for sure : )

The other creations are also absolutely worth a try: the „Rohrnudel“ (made in an oven), or the „Auszogenen“ (tastes like a Krapfen but flat and without jelly, similar to an American doughnut). Another name for „Auszogene“ is „Schmalznudel“.

Many – especially the older inhabitants of Munich – know the Café Frischhut under this name as it became famous for its Schmalznudeln.

Billboard of the Café Frischhut

Back in the 70s and 80s, the cafe opened at 5 o’clock in the morning as the nearby Viktualienmarkt already opened at that time and the stallholders came over for an early breakfast and a coffee.

Nowadays, the Viktualienmarkt opens at 9 o c’clock so no need anymore for the early opening hours.

Another reason for the early opening hours were the night owls who already impatiently waited for the Schmalznudeln to satisfy their hunger – the grassy creations are just perfect to calm down your hunger after a long night out drinking.

With more and more bars moving away from the center and with the opening of the Kunstpark-Ost in the 90s, the number of early guests dropped once more. You can either go for take away or sit down and enjoy your Schmalznudel or Krapfen together with a coffee.

When the weather allows it, you can sit on the very nice terrace which is located in the inner courtyard or if that one’s full you also can find some places in front of the café.

LocationPrälat-Zistl-Straße 8
Website: —
Price: €€

Best Afghan Restaurant in Munich – “Chopan am Gasteig”

A visit at Chopan am Gasteig guarantees you a firework of taste, that’s for sure! All kinds of different spices are used for cooking as it’s typical for the Afghan kitchen – you definitely will experience tastes that you never have tasted before : )

You have to try the spinach as side dish! The quality of meat and all other ingredients is just top and the team is also very nice.

The Chopan am Gasteig is more or less spread over two venues: one just being completely renovated (the upper one) and the lower one which is also very nice but with very limited space meaning the tables are very close to each other.

They serve exactly the same food in both venues as they use the same kitchen. Reservation is mandatory and you have to chose between two time frames: the first one is from 17 – 20h and the second one from 20h to end as they want to use the same table twice a day.

By the way: there is another Chopan in Schwabing but we haven’t been there yet.

Location: Rosenheimer Straße 6
Price: €€€

Best Sushi Restaurant in Munich – „Sushi & Soul“

What shall we say about the Sushi & Soul?

If you haven’t had the chance so far to attend one of the whiskey seminars held by the owner Christian himself, you can’t really understand what this venue must be like for whiskey lovers and experts.

He told us about Japanese businessmen who were sitting crying at the bar as they found their favorite whiskey which was sold out in Japan and never available again anywhere else but at his bar…

In their own words, the Sushi & Soul offers the largest selection of whiskeys West of the Fujiyama and calls itself one of the best and largest sushi restaurants in Europe.

We can’t tell if it’s really one of Europe’s biggest retaurants (but it’s really huge in fact) but it’s surely the best sushi restaurant in Munich!

We had the chance to attend such a whiskey seminar and it’s absolutely worth it – Christian is an absolute whiskey fanatic which you feel when he passionately tells you about the history of whiskey and its beginnings, about it’s production and details about the whiskeys which are being served during the seminar.

The seminar fee is quite high but you get served some excellent whiskeys and some superb sushi made by an old sushi chief. We had the seminar as our christmas party, was a perfect occasion!

So if you love sushi or whiskey or both, then you definitly should visit the Sushi & Soul soon. Reservation is necessary and they also have some tables outside.

By the way: they also offer rum seminars, shame on me that I nearly forgot to mention that as I am more the rum drinker : )

Location: Klenzestraße 71
Price: €€€€

Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Munich – “DuDu”

From outside, the DuDu looks very inconspicuous but it’s absolutely worth giving it a chance though.

We wondered if we even should include this pearl in our section of the best restaurants in Munich as it’s reeeeally small and therefore the space quite limited and publishing it here means that it will get even harder to find a table.

When we visit the DuDu, I always pick the fried duck as it’s the best one you can find all over Munich and what I tasted from my wife Petra is also always super tasty so you can’t be wrong no matter what you chose from the menu.

As you might have guessed, reservation is inevitable.

Location: Augsburgerstraße 1 (entrance is in the Thalkirchnerstraße 22)
Price: €€

Best Indian restaurant in Munich – “Dhaba”

We tried several Indian restaurants in Munich and the Dhaba is definitely by far the best one! If you visit an Indian restaurant, this is exactly how you expect it to be – a warm and friendly welcome, nice and stylish interior, the smell of all kinds of exotic spices in the air and of course delicious Indian food.

It starts with the side sauces which are served right away (try the bright green one!!!) before your order and peaks when the main dishes are being served, no matter if it’s a Tandoori, a vegetarian or Biryanis dish.

Very funny thing is when leaving the restaurant, the owner stands at the exit and offers everyone a sweet 2 go.

As it’s always the same with restaurants of this level, don’t forget to make a reservation. If you are unlucky and our favorite location is already fully booked, try it at their other location at the Münchner Freiheit.

Location: Belgradstraße 16 / Herzogstraße 1b
Price: €€€

Best Tapas in Munich – “Palau” & “Itxaso”

We decided to pick out our two favourite places to eat Tapas as we could not decide which one to call our favorite tapas restaurant in Munich.


Tapas by Palau
Tapas by Palau

Without any doubt one of the most original (snack) bars in Munich. The owners were inspired by the famous Barcelonan bar “Can Paixano” (more known to tourists under the name “La Champagneria”, unfortunately closed now).

There are no seating possibilities so however, and just like in Spanish tapas bars you can drop the napkins on the floor.

What ever you order, it’s just delicious and made with lots of love. Besides the classic types of „bocadillos“ (spanish for a sort of bread) with likewise beef, pig, chicken or vegetarian there are offered all kind of tapas like  “pimientos de padron” (small paprikas with salt), “patatas bravas” (pieces of potato with spicy sauce) “Chorizo” (sausage) or the for Catalonia very well know „pan amb tomaquet“ (to make it you take one half of a tomato and grind it on a piece of white bread and also the same with garlic).

The offered sparkling wine for which Palau is famous for is delicious – the bottle for just 10.- € is a deal! There is no such place in Munich where you can feel the catalan vibe so strong like you do at Palau.

Location: Thalkirchnerstraße 16
Website: —
Price: €€

Best Pizza in Munich – “Ponte Vecchio”

Romantic dinner for 3
Romantic dinner for 3

Personally spoken, this might just be the best pizza we have ever eaten in our whole life.

Well, the restaurant could maybe be a little bit more romantic, it’s located right beside Rosenheimer Straße and a terrace is also missing but most important thing is the food right?!

And that’s just awesome there. You necessarily don’t need a stone oven for making a good pizza, just an Italian pizza maker and the best ingredients.

The chief is a very friendly guy from Napoli who in fact is doing the whole service in his restaurant.

Besides the delicious pizza you also get good pasta and weekly varying dishes. Sundays closed. If you reserve a table ask for the table right beside the window.

Location: Rosenheimerstraße 2 – UNFORTUNATELY OUT OF BUSINESS
Website: —
Price: —