Best Electricity Provider in Munich

Munich electricity providerChoosing the best electricity provider in Munich is a decision that will save you a lot of money.

We strongly recommend switching from SWM, which is the so called default provider („Grundversorger“), to an electricity provider of your choice.

When you move to Munich you will usually be signed up with SWM once you are in your new flat (yeah, finally!).

SWM is the local Grundversorger in Munich, which ensures that everybody has electricity as soon as they move into a new apartment.

This is very convenient, but as always, with convenience come higher costs. Bear in mind that you only have around 2-4 weeks after moving in where you can still change your electricity provider.

Better make this one of the first tasks you take care of after moving to Munich as you surely will save a good amount of money.

Back in the days the electricity market was closed and you did not have an alternative to the SWM.

This is why many (mostly elderly) people in Munich just never bothered switching providers.

But with our help it will be easy to choose the best electricity provider in Munich and save some serious money.

Comparison of Best German Electricity Providers

 Entega ÖkostromSimplyGreen
Best deal (3.500 kWh/year)ENTEGA Ökostrom MaxiSimplyGreen Ökostrom
Monthly price best deal
(excluded sign up bonuses)
Price guarantee12 months12 months
Sign up bonus165€
See website for conditions
i.a. Citybike, Headphones, Mixer
Contract duration12 months12 months
100% Ökostrom (from renewable energy sources) optionYesYes


EntegaEntega is our recommended electricity provider in Munich.

No other electricity provider in Munich offers such a good combination of cheap prices and exceptional good service.

Also Entega offers an online login area where you can carry out all tasks from your computer.

Entega was rated among the most customer friendly electricity providers in 2014, and with good reason.

If you need to contact their customer service, you can call them on a German landline number or ask them to call you back for free.

For the first 12 months you will get a guaranteed price and after the first year you can also quit the contract by the end of each month.

To see how much signing up with Entega would cost for your household, check directly on the ENTEGA website and calculate your estimated price for one year.

SimplyGreen Ökostrom

SimplyGreen_LogoIs it possible to do something good for the environment and save money at the same time?

Thanks to SimplyGreen you can now switch to an electricity provider which not only has very good prices but is also environmental friendly.

SimplyGreen guarantees 100% green energy with any of their tariffs.

Even though they do not deliver any electricity from „dirty“ sources such as atomic energy they still manage to be very competitive compared to other electricity providers in Munich.

When signing up you can also choose from a wide array of bonuses. We definitely recommend one of their bikes which alone already cost up to 350€ if you want to buy it in a shop.

There are plenty reasons to go with SimplyGreen. 100% clean energy + great prices + awesome bonuses to choose from = a very good choice for an electricity provider.


LifestromRight now one of our top picks of electricity providers in Munich would be Lifestrom.

No other electricity provider guarantees a longer price stability (until June 2019) than Lifestrom.

Other electricity providers only offer a one year price stability after which they will increase prices dramatically.

Furthermore Lifestrom has a very easy to use online interface which will let you change all important information online and also gives you a great overview of everything important.

And best of all Lifestrom offers the best sign-up bonuses of all electricity providers right now.

Depending on your contract you can choose between a 100€ Amazon voucher or a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 among many other things.

And on top of that all new customers get 3 months free access to German online streaming website Maxdome. Can’t get better than that!

E wie einfach

E wie einfachIf you decided to sign up with E wie Einfach you made a very good choice.

E wie einfach offers a very easy and convenient way to sign up with them online.

It is hard to believe that so many electricity providers only seem to be realising now that they need to offer their services online.

Luckily E wie einfach seems to have understood that right from the start and offers you a login area with all important information at a glance.

From signing up to checking your contract, to changing providers again, all important tasks can be carried out online.

Another good thing about E wie einfach is that you are not locked in for 2 years in a contract, but are able to quit the contract at the end of each month.

This is incredibly useful if you decide to move to another city, where E wie einfach might not be available. There is no need to worry or fight with them like with other electricity providers.

Also, E wie einfach offers some of the best rates for electricity in Munich.

To check the estimated costs for your household check out their online price calculator.

Last but not least here is a special tip for you: as a new client you usually get a sign up bonus of around 120€ if you stay more than 12 months.

So if you stay 13 months you are already eligible for the bonus.

Other electricity providers also offer bonuses after more than 12 months, but as you can usually only quit after another full year, you need to stay with them for 24 months in order to get the bonus.

E Wie Einfach Smart Home

E wie einfach smart homeJust in case you are into the newest gadgets and into everything around Smart Homes we highly recommend checking out the newest thing from E Wie Einfach which is called Smart Home contract.

With your Smart Home contract you will get a Smart Home system that lets you have remote access to a lot of your smart gadgets such as a Sonos loudspeaker or Philips Hue light systems.

And of course all electricity will be 100% eco-friendly, which means no electricity from atomic powerplant!

And right now there is an additional bonus available which includes a motion detector system as well as a system that lets you know if someone is trying to open a window or a door.

SWM – Stadtwerke München

As mentioned before SWM – Stadtwerke München – is the Grundversorger for both electricity and gas. If you have missed the 2-4 week deadline to change electricity providers, don’t worry.

You might not have the cheapest contract, but SWM offers a lot of their services online and has quite high customer satisfaction rate.

But honestly there is no reason not to switch to another electricity company in Munich and save money on your electricity bill.

There is one important thing to mention though: Only SWM offer a special tariff necessary and inevitable if a night storage heater is installed in your apartment – you find this kind of heaters especially in older houses and are easily to recognize as they are quite big and most often ugly grey blocks of metal.

You differentiate here between day and night electricity (which is about 1/4 cheaper). Night tariff starts at 21h and ends at 6h in the morning, in this time the heater is charging up.

It’s not possible to chose any other energy supplier than SMW if you have such a heater installed in your apartment – if you are not sure wether you have on you can check in the basement if you have a so called „Zweitarifzähler“ (two way electric meter) installed.

This tip at least helps you not to waste time for looking for a new electricity provider when moving to Munich.

Changing Electrictiy Providers in Munich

As we established already it is a good idea to change your electricity provider as soon as you move to Munich.

Many people are afraid of changing as they are not sure how to change electricity providers in Munich. But almost nothing is easier than changing electricity providers.

Usually all you need to do is to sign up with a new electricity provider and they will take care of the switching process, so that you are not a single second without electricity.

The only thing you need to do is to tell your new provider how much electricity you had already used until that day.

Electricity and Gas Provider – All in one

Prioenergy, E wie einfach and Lekker Strom allow clients to sign up for electricity and gas at the same time.

The advantage of this is that you do not have to sign several contracts and can carry out all communication with one company.

So if your apartment relies on gas we strongly recommend to signing up with the same provider for electricity and gas.

If you don’t change anything then you are signed up with SWM for both electricity and gas, which means you pay twice as much for your contract.

That money could be better spent, e.g. in one of the many restaurants in Munich.