Finding a Place to Live in Munich

Finding a Place to Live in Munich

There is no denying it. Finding an apartment in Munich is no fun: Munich is the most expensive citiy in Germany after all, so finding an affordable apartment is very difficult.

Dozens of people who want to get the same flat like you do and it’s a little bit like playing in the lottery to get one…we could continue listing negative (and unfortunately also somehow true) aspects or we could give you some crucial tipps about how to find a place to live in Munich – and that’s what we will do here in this section.

The housing situation is so tensed in Munich that you might limit your search maybe only on certain city districts – above that we suggest you to always visit any apartment, even if it doesn’t offer the balcony you might want or a garden or a new kitchen – you get the point.

Find an Apartment in Munich online

If you don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has a friend who is looking for a subsequent tenant, then the easiest and most common way is of course the look for an aparmtent online.

Several websites allow you searching for an apartment with your exact requirements (budget, size, district etc.), our favorite choice is definietely Immowelt. If you are looking to rent a WG-Zimmer (shared apartment) you can also try

As soon as you found an interesting place, you show up at the agreed viewing appointment – mostly together with dozens of other interests – and after having a look and leaving your personal info, you hope to be the lucky one being contacted by the estate agent or owner for signing the contract.

The key to success is to be well and better prepared as the other people who also want to get the apartment – you will be one amongst three dozen or more people so you want to stand out from the masses.

Our Insider Tipps to Find a Place in Munich

Dress nicely, even if you usually only wear hooded sweaters and sport shoes but often the first impression is what counts.

Be friendly, a smile and a hand shake cost nothing.

Think about if you want to let the agent or owner know that you especially love this apartment due to its huge kitchen where you could have some good parties including heavy drinking games.

Be sure to bring with you:

  • short CV incl. your contact data
  • copy of your working contract (pref. unlimited)
  • bank statements of the last three months for proofing your creditworthiness
  • SCHUFA – that’s a credit report listing all your payment obligations
  • and as a plus a statement from a guarantor, which certainly increases your chances in case that you might be working as a free-lancer

You should be well equipped for any viewing now so good luck and never lose hope, I never heard from anyone who had to live on the streets as he could not find a place to live in Munich.

And after you sorted out the task of finding an aparment in Munich you can treat yourself with one of the best burgers in Munich, don’t you think?